COVID-19 update

March 7, 2022

CDC, IDPH, DCFS and Lake County Public Health have issued new recommendations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Church Council approved on Sunday, March 6, 2022 that effective immediately we will continue to recommend the use of properly fitting face masks but will not require them to participate at Holy Cross. This applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

The new recommendations clearly see the value of wearing masks, vaccinations, social distancing and other health related practices to diminish the spread of Covid-19 and/or its variants. The Church Council reserves the right to modify these guidelines in the event that it is needed due to the new data points associated with Community Levels.

We will continue with these Covid-19 Strategies

  • Continue to promote Covid-19 vaccinations and booster shots

  • Maintain social distancing where possible

  • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette where needed

  • Cleaning supplies will continue to be available

  • We will require all groups of members and/or community groups that use our facility to clean their space following their use.

  • If you exhibit symptoms please remain at home and seek medical attention

  • A negative Covid-19 lab test is advised prior to returning


Please be considerate of everyone's choices when indoors for worship or fellowship as members of our community or those visiting with us may have concerns regarding family and friends who are immunocompromised or unable to be vaccinated.


Thank you for your cooperation in helping us live our command to love one another by keeping each other safe and healthy.

August 27, 2021

Reimagining “Worship”

While we continue our current worship schedule for the time being, beginning in October, we will be adding a worship service on the first Saturday of each month starting at 5 pm.


Reimagining “Fellowship”

At this time we are unable to resume our regular fellowship coffee hours on Sunday mornings as we had hoped, however, we invite you to join us for one of our outdoor fellowship events on Sundays, September 12 and 26.


Please continue to follow the church’s monthly Cross Connection newsletter,  emails, Sunday bulletins and this page for updates and details as it become available.

August 20, 2021

Worship Schedule Update: As we monitor rising Covid-19 statistics in our area and prayerfully consider the impact to all of our members, visitors, guests and friends, the Church Council has recommended the continuation of outdoor parking lot worship for the immediate future. While we are disappointed that the situation requires this type of action, we desire to live out our call to care for one another. We will continue to offer one service at 8 am in the Sanctuary that requires both social distancing and facial coverings regardless of vaccination status and we will continue our practice of 10 am outdoor parking lot worship for September and October.

August, 2021

Reimagining “Sunday Morning at Holy Cross”


We are all anxious to return to experiences and expressions of life that we have missed since March 2020. We have been willing to try different approaches while still honoring certain traditions and practices. As we hopefully move beyond Covid-19, we are discussing what life after the pandemic might look like. We are “reimagining” worship options and new approaches to faith formation/education other than the traditional Sunday School format. On this page are the beginnings of us reimagining what the future holds for us. We hope you will plan on joining us as we reimagine Sunday mornings at Holy Cross. As we have done for the past 17 months, we will follow CDC IDPH guidelines regarding safety protocols in all worship formats and gatherings. Beginning Sunday, September 12 our Sunday morning schedule will look like this:


- 8 & 10 am In-Person Worship in the Sanctuary

- Fellowship and Faith Formation (Sunday School) will be offered between worship services at 8:45 - 9:45 am. The starting   

  date for the Faith Formation component is yet to be determined.


Reimagining “Worship”


Worship is one of the foundational moments in the Christian faith. It is the opportunity for people of faith to pause, reflect, wonder, celebrate and be renewed to practice a life of faith in our everyday lives. It is the Biblical equivalent to “sabbath” time. At Holy Cross we utilize different liturgical resources to promote interest and variety in the act of worship. Confession, music, prayer, scripture and the sacraments provide the liturgical movements. Sabbath has never been limited to a certain time, day, style or format. We enjoy a worship approach that encourages participation and an opportunity for individuals and families to bring and offer their spiritual needs where they feel supported and encouraged. In addition to the in-person worship on Sunday mornings beginning in September we will continue to provide the following worship opportunities:


- Virtual Worship pre-recorded video each week available on demand at


Beginning in October, we will be offering a worship service on the first Saturday of each month:


- First Saturday In-person Worship at 5 pm. This service may be held in the sanctuary, patio or even in the parking lot as a drive-in worship service.


Reimagining “Faith Formation”


Faith formation occurs on many different levels. It may be a personal journey, a family centered conversation or a multigenerational experience. Holy Cross believes it involves all three. In the fall our goal is to “celebrate the expansive image of God in everyone, through open and inclusive language, diverse imagery, and thoughtful theology.” The launch of this reimagined faith formation will begin later in September on Sunday mornings between worship services. It is our goal to provide a Sunday morning resource event that will enable individuals and families to feel confident and comfortable talking about faith and spirituality with their kids and with other adults. These Sunday morning resource events will be scripturally based, involve conversations for reflection/discussion, provide a spiritual micro-practice, prayer, music and fellowship. There will be shareable social media material available to continue exploring faith with others at home.


Reimagining “How We Stay Connected”


Relational groups exist at Holy Cross around study themes, Bible studies, book clubs, activities involving service to others, and for   a myriad of different reasons. Holy Cross is making the commitment to provide in-person opportunities, remote opportunities and hybrid opportunities. We have learned as a result of the past 17 months that technology provides a totally different kind of access and involvement for different needs. In-person participation is still preferable. However, there may be times when personal and work schedules may preclude your involvement in a meeting, a relational group, a special event or even worship. Holy Cross has made an investment in equipment and social media resources to make additional resources available to individuals and families in different contexts. These digital opportunities will involve our congregational Zoom subscription and our new “live streaming” capabilities. Each event will dictate what technological options may be utilized and may not be available for every event.


Reimagining “Fellowship”


We will resume our coffee hours on Sunday mornings after each of the worship services starting in September. We hope you will plan on joining us as we reimagine fellowship at Holy Cross. We also have plans to provide special “catered breakfasts” on the following Sundays: September 26, October 24, November 28 at 9 am.


Please follow the church’s monthly Cross Connection newsletter and emails, Sunday bulletins and the website for more details and instruction as it become available.





June, 2021

Through September 5, 2021 our plan is to continue offering an in-person sanctuary worship, drive-in worship and virtual worship on Sundays. All three of these worship options will feature the same sermon message each week.


Please note the following changes to Covid-19 protocols that reflect CDC, IDPH and LCPH guidance, effective July 1.


As we begin to host more in-person events at church during the week, we will follow guidelines and check in with each group as to their comfort level regarding masks. If participants are fully vaccinated, then masks will be optional. We recognize that vaccines are not currently available for our youngest members and guests and encourage you to consider their safety as well in making your mask choices.


The 8 am in-person sanctuary worship opportunity no longer requires you to RSVP. We will continue to offer social distance seating. Anyone who is fully vaccinated is no longer required to wear a mask but may do so. If you are not vaccinated, we require you to wear a mask. We will still ask attendees to sign-in. We are utilizing liturgy and hymnody as part of this service.


The 10 am drive-in worship service is outdoors and masks will no longer be required. Again, if a mask is your choice we respect that decision. You may remain in your vehicle or bring a lawn chair and enjoy the outdoors. We are utilizing liturgy and hymnody as part of this service. When Holy Communion is offered we will continue with the individual communion kits. Holy Communion is being offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. Offerings may be made in person, through traditional mail delivery, or on-line at the church’s website.

Please continue to watch our website for the most current information and any changes to the schedule or protocols. 

March, 2021

While we continue our pre-recorded virtual worship option and the drive-in worship option every week, it is our hope to also offer an in-person worship service. Beginning Sunday, April 11, we will offer an in-person worship option at 8 am. All three of these worship options will feature the same sermon message each week.

For in-person worship, registration will be required and there will be safety protocols in place. Guidelines for attending and a schedule to register can be found on the Reservations page.


Currently Lake County COVID-19 status is a phase 4 per Illinois Department of Public Health. If there is a return in our COVID-19 status to phase 3 for our region by Illinois Department of Public Health, we will suspend the in-person option.

November 25, 2020: View a message to the congregation from Pastor Bob below.

October 2020 update: New guidance for North Suburban region 9 taking effect on October 31, 2020 impacted plans for in-person worship in November. There will be no in-person worship service on Sunday, November 1. Drive-In Worship will be held at 9:30 am in the parking lot and the pre-recorded worship video will be available at

March 2020,


After prayerful and thoughtful deliberation, the decision has been made to suspend public worship effective immediately until further notice. All community groups who use our facility have been notified that we will not host their meetings. Sunday School classes, educational and relational groups will not meet in-person.


In lieu of our regular Sunday worship services we will provide an online worship opportunity. Please check the sermon page at for virtual worship services.



The most up to date information about worship, meetings, events and/or additional closure can be found on this page. Please check back frequently to stay informed. (

Should you need to reach pastoral or church staff, you may continue to use the office email address or office phone (847) 367-4060. While the office will function remotely during this health crisis, all communication will be monitored and responded to as quickly as possible. 

Online recorded worship will continue at least through the end of May.  Please find links to these recordings posted on Sunday mornings on our website and through our Facebook page. 


Online sermons:

Holy Cross Facebook page:

Lenten Daily Devotional:


If you are in need of assistance to run errands or do shopping or if you are willing to help do tasks for others in need, please reach out to the church office so that we might connect you to the appropriate person. 


Because of our decision to suspend all small group and relational ministries, an abbreviated version of the April newsletter is available online at


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To continue your financial support of the ministries of Holy Cross, we encourage you to move your giving to online giving through our website: or on the Give Plus app. See instructions for the app at under DIY electronic giving.



Monetary contributions in lieu of donating food items to the monthly food pack can be made online at

COOL Ministries

Monetary contributions in lieu of donating food items to COOL Ministries can be made online at


Virtual Meetings


Some groups will start offering virtual meetings via Zoom, by phone or in Facebook groups. Small group leaders will reach out to current participants with details. New participants are always welcome! Please check the Virtual Meetings page for updates and meeting dates and times.