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Job Opportunities

High School Youth Group

Director of Youth & Family Ministry

Full time

Holy Cross Lutheran Church seeks to our intergenerational faith formation ministry. This position will be involved in the redesign of the church's youth and family ministries, driving engagement in ministry and milestone programs, and creating an enhanced sense of family within the church community.

The Director of Youth & Family Ministry will be responsible for the faith formation ministry for Middle and High School youth. Holy Cross extends the youth programs to include parents and families in the faith formation of youth, with frequent opportunities for intergenerational community. The goal for the Middle and High School youth program is to continue to cultivate a sense of love, purpose, identity, and belonging in the church. We will continue to have regular faith formation for all ages, and a series of fun events to enjoy together throughout the year. The Director of YFM will help to further define the overall vision and strategy of the youth programs.


View the full job description here.


For more information or to apply, send your resume to Pastor Chris Neptun at

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