Women's Retreat 2022

Womens Retreat 2022.png

Dates: Friday, October 21 at 4 pm - Saturday, October 22 at 4 pm

Location: The Abbey Resort

269 Fontana Blvd, Fontana, WI 53125

(262) 275-9000

Cost: $200 for a private room

$100 for a shared room (2 people per room)

Rooms are furnished with two queen beds.

Three meals are included (dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday.)

Registration deadline: Monday, September 12

Women over the age of 21 are invited to escape the daily grind and join us at The Abbey Resort on Lake Geneva where you will experience the calming effects of the lake and picturesque fall views of the harbor. We will be exploring our theme of "Something Beautiful" in oneself, others, and in creation, led by Deaconess Katie. This retreat will be sure to inspire and

create positive memories for all who attend! 

Interested in a lovely chance to step away and breathe deeply? 


This autumn our women's retreat is taking a deep dive into an idea that sounds so simple: beauty. And no, we're not talking about cosmetics, aesthetics, or highbrow couture. 


Using the sacred text from Mark 14:1-11 as our foundational reading, we'll explore kalos, the complex Greek work that is translated into "beauty". We'll meditate on the story of the woman with the alabaster jar and how the scripture touches our own lives. This will be our jumping off point to then look for beauty in self, others, and the world around us. Our exploration of beauty is not simply altering societal definitions of beauty but focused on experiencing God as beautiful. Intrigued? Yeah, so are we. 


We'll be pulling from the book On Beauty and Faith by Alabaster Co. as well as inviting Deaconess Katie to serve as our speaker. This isn't going to be a shallow kind of pretty. Honestly, we're so excited for what we have planned.


Whether you're looking forward to building friendships, time for personal reflection, or deeply rooted spiritual teachings, we're being intentional in fostering an environment that will facilitate all three.


To top it off, why not have a retreat titled "Something Beautiful" set somewhere beautiful! We'll be at The Abbey Resort right on Lake Geneva. In addition to our three scheduled sessions, you will also have the option to join in evening prayer at the campfire and morning prayer on the beach.


Our staff have been eagerly preparing this as a beautiful and God filled offering for you! Please join us, friends welcome!

For any questions, to apply for a scholarship, or additional rooming accommodations, please contact Beth Ann Koenemann at bethann@holycrosschurch.org or (847) 997-9937.

Register online (click "Register Online" below) or by submitting the registration form to the church office or to Beth Ann Koenemann. View the Women's Retreat brochure and registration form PDF here.