Crossroads High School Youth Group

What's going on next?

Sunday, April 18 at 6:30 pm

Virtual Crossroads Youth Night - We'll connect as a youth group over zoom for a night of community, connection, and God's grace.

Zoom meeting ID 648-162-6713 & PW 558552

Sunday, May 2, from 1 - 4 pm

Painting Garden Beds for CrossWays Preschool and Celebration! Childcare

Crossroads is going to add some color and life to the garden boxes at church, as well as paint several pallets in rainbow colors. This is all to help the early childhood ministry kiddos learn about growing plants. Snacks and drinks will be provided for this fun afternoon of painting outside.

The Crossroads Youth Ministry Vision & Values


Crossroads is a flourishing and vibrant High School Youth Group where the students are well connected to each other, the rest of the church community, and to God, and where each person feels at home, is shaping their personal truths, has a growing sense of fulfillment, and isliving out their values.

Crossroads Values:
- Honest and sincere conversations
- Service to others
- Fun, adventure, & new experiences
- Learning
- Parent involvement

Connecting & Thriving!

The Crossroads Youth Group respects the COVID-19 restrictions, and still stays connected by having regular Zoom meetings for youth, both small-group style and as a large group, as well as masked and safe monthly in-person youth events. We do something different with each event, which could involve a super active game, a service-oriented project, great conversation together, or something totally different.

Current Series

You know that feeling you get when someone makes you a big promise? You probably feel excited, but you might feel a little skeptical too—especially when that promise gets delayed. . . and delayed again. . . and again. If you have to wait long enough for something you were promised, you might start to wonder when you've waited long enough. Eventually, you might even give up hope. In this series, we'll discover that God has a plan, but we might have to wait for it, and we'll be reminded that, while we're waiting, God is faithful, God is listening, and we should never give up, because God’s not giving up on us.

Welcome video/invitation to Crossroads from youth: 

Director of High School Youth & Family Ministry: Sarah Grayer

"Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm the Director of High School Youth & Family Ministry. When I was a teenager my youth group was huge in helping me develop my faith. Because of that, I am now passionate about developing great ministry opportunities with high school youth and their parents. In addition to serving on the church ministry staff in this part-time role, I also work full-time with a wealth management & financial planning group and enjoy married life with my wonderful husband Justin. In my spare time I do a bunch of yoga, reading, and have lots of outdoor fun time with our Australian Shepherd Chloe.”

Connect with me any time about your ideas or questions at

The Fuller Youth Institute: Living a Better Story

Holy Cross was chosen to participate with 13 other churches in the wider Chicagoland area in the FYI two-year co-hort called “Living a Better Story”! The FYI is a great organization, research trailblazer, and thought leader related to all things youth and family ministry. The HCLC team consists of 5 adults and 2 youth who meet with the other churches to share best practices and develop and apply new methodologies. We are excited to introduce some new ministry opportunities in 2021!

The Crossroads Christmas Project!


Last December a few of our high school seniors went shopping and arranged gift bags that included something they handpicked for all in our Crossroads Youth Group. Also included was a Crossroads sweatshirt, some treats, and some fun things to use over our virtual Crossroads nights! We delivered the surprise gift bags to everyone's doorstep on a Sunday afternoon, and had a great time that evening all together virtually to exchange gifts and celebrate. We're hoping for an in-person holiday season in 2021, but this last one was pretty great too!

Note: Some pictures taken pre-pandemic.

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