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The Holy Cross Resurrection Garden


Columbarium Ministry


The Christian faith offers a perspective on the way we construct our lives and offers a perspective about the end of our life. Culturally there are many different views about the way we are to live and what we are to think about the meaning of life at the time of death. The “Columbarium Ministry” is about some of those end of life decisions that need to be made.


Following is a FAQ piece intended to respond to initial questions. The columbarium will be identified as the Holy Cross Resurrection Garden. The columbarium is a dedicated structure containing niches for the interment of cremated human remains. A rendering of the columbarium structure is included.


A special task force and the church council have developed documentation that provides clarity about the protocols and procedures associated with this new ministry. We are operating with documentation that meets legal standards while representing the conditions of what will be provided if one chooses to become involved with Holy Cross’ “Columbarium Ministry.”


The idea of our “Columbarium Ministry” surfaced from the awareness that the Christian faith tradition plays an integral role at the time of death. The “Columbarium Ministry” involves cremation. Cremation is not a new practice. It has been accepted throughout history and embraced in practice by faith traditions. A congregation being involved in providing a final resting place for loved ones is not new. There are congregations in Lake County who currently provide an option for the interment of cremains as well as a traditional cemetery option.


We think it is important to provide information that may help you in making informed decisions about your involvement and understanding this ministry in general.


For me information about the Resurrection Garden, please view the following document:        

Resurrection Garden
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